TV content value management SaaS platform

Internal and external license management dashboard, including analytics with insights and detailed reports about the daily Movies and TV shows usage. Deep airings inspection through 3.000 live TV Channels and its EPG data with more than 61.000 Movie headlines and 2M+ TV shows and episodes.

Real time TV licenses status

Create your own license rights environment for your TV content. Run simple but extensive report about who is showing your content inside or outside the content license agreement.

  • Import your own content list or sync your data with IMDB
  • Select period and channels you would like to track
  • Run the report
  • Check the green or red lights

Live, user friendly and detailed tracking results

Quick and detailed TV content analytics and insights

  • Total number of showings in defined period
  • Number of Channels which are inside or outside of license agreement
  • Number of Shows/Movies which are inside or outside of license agreement

Real time alarms and screen notifications

User friendly alerts dashboard providing quick and detailed view inside TV content license. You will be promptly notified if agreed terms has been breached.

  • Alerts management dashboard based on channels package
  • Screen and e-mail notifications about the content status

TV channels

Movies and TV shows

TV episodes


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